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Students participating in this years career fair come from the top quantitative finance masters degree programs in the US and Canada. This year we are excited to announce that we have received over resumes from qualified students. I encourage you to browse through these resumes, which are listed in alphabetical order.
Aml Maple Portable 4.30 Build 646

FullTime_QUant_ Sample ResumeBook

Students participating in this years career fair come from the top quantitative finance masters degree programs in the US and Canada. This year we are excited to announce that we have received over resumes from qualified students. I encourage you to browse through these resumes, which are listed in alphabetical order. At the end of this book, we have also provided an index of students by school.

Private interviews are available for participating recruiters during the day of the career fair. If you would like to interview, but have not notified our office, please do so as soon as possible by calling Amy Lerner As interest builds in this field, the National Financial Mathematics Career Fair will continue to be the leading forum for recruiting the top students from programs across the country all in one place. It is a sincere pleasure to have you involved this year and we look forward to welcoming you again next fall.

Founded in , the IAFE is composed of individual academics and practitioners from banks, broker dealers, hedge funds, pension funds, asset managers, technology firms, regulators, accounting, consulting and law firms, and universities across the globe. Through frank discussions of current policy issues, sponsoring programs to educate the financial community and recognizing the outstanding achievements in the field, the IAFE acts as a beacon for the development of quantitative finance.

Throughout its history, the IAFEs pre-eminent leadership has positioned us to respond with savvy to the evolving needs of the financial engineering community. The IAFEs programs – from our area-specific committees to our monthly panel discussions to the Financial Engineer of the Year Award – are designed to provide our membership with uniquely valuable activities to enhance their work in the field and opportunities to network and socialize with their colleagues. For more information, please visit www.

News and World Report. Its special strengths include partial differential equations, stochastic processes, applied mathematics, and scientific computing — topics at the very heart of financial mathematics. The Institute is proud of its Mathematics in Finance Masters Program, which takes advantage of Courant’s unique scientific resources and its location in the heart of New York City. The program is small and highly selective, graduating about 30 full-time and 5 part-time students each year.

See http: SIAM Applied mathematics and computational science have become essential tools in solving many real world problems. Its methodologies are needed, for example, in modeling physical, chemical, and biomedical phenomena; in designing structures and networks, optimizing system performance, and in planning and managing financial and marketing strategies.

The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics SIAM fosters the development of applied mathematics, computational science, and their application to the sciences and engineering. SIAM members are applied and computational mathematicians, computer scientists, numerical analysts, engineers, statisticians, and applications scientists from around the world. SIAM members have the opportunity to participate in more focused subject areas through the mechanism of Activity Groups.

Christian R. Viros Scholarship for academic excellence GPA: Major tasks Team programming projects, technical reports and oral presentations. Performed recommendations to clients as indicated by the conducted research. Learnt the art of trading different securities and the tricks of trade.

Responsible for uploading latest news and information on the companys website. Saurabh Deshmukh Collaborated a project on Steganography hiding data into images , in a group of three students, which involved studying algorithms currently in use and developing a new algorithm which is more optimal.

Major responsibilities included research and analysis of various algorithms, development of a better algorithm and coding it in MATLAB. Presented a national level technical paper on Steganography and the algorithm.

Paresh Shah Analyzed daily news and macro events to make trading strategies for each client. Performed technical analysis and other research to select the best investments. Also involved in client relations team and other similar tasks.

Keen interest in Sports, Photography, Music, Traveling and other outdoor activities. Designed parallel algorithms to price European calls and puts using underlying Black Scholes Model.

The work was appreciated at various executive levels and led to further collaborations. Proposed a novel work partitioning technique that helps in achieving parallel performance for irregular algorithms. Selected Publications The publications mentioned below were accepted and presented at top conferences and journals. Honors and Awards 1. Valuing American-style options by Simulation: MS Thesis: Developed a package for simulating various probability distributions using Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques.

Analyzed the performance characteristics of these algorithms. Implemented CDaR as an alternative measure of risk. Chatterjee and S. Some Studies. Running a soccer fan club and a website www. Delta hedged the book using index futures, funds, zero coupon bonds daily and Crash notes, variance swaps and FX swaps less frequently.

Ideas included vanilla derivatives, variance and dividend swaps. Backtested strategies and simulated scenarios for the trading and the research desk. Developed a program to help traders shape the volatility curve for options on short term non-liquid equities. The program uses historical jump data to approximate volatility level. Over two years of experience in developing complex computer applications for Finance and Machine industry.

Expected May Coursework: Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. June Coursework in Mathematics: Professional Experience: Developed an application in C to test the tradeweb datafeed for credit markets. Software Engineer, Geometric Software, Mumbai Dec – June Designed and developed modules for searching 3D models based on shape from a cad part repository.

Teaching Experience: Pricing double barrier European options within a Heston model using the finite difference method Implemented a module in to price a double barrier European option using Crank-Nicholson method. Software Skills: Calibration of these models to the volatility surface using Implied Binomial trees and Local Volatility Monte Carlo simulations.

ABS valuation based on underlying asset pool modeling via Monte Carlo simulation. Design Forecasting cash flow models on Excel. Proficiency in Matlab and Excel. Monitoring financial and accounting activities. Government agencies. Managed and monitored loans and financial instruments based on real-time capital market data. Coordinated with all levels of management to gather, analyze, summarize, and prepare recommendations regarding financial plans, procurement activity, and project planning.

Examined and approved journal vouchers and general ledger reconciliations. Analyzed and reviewed Financial Department operations, and submitted conclusions and recommendations to the Missions senior management.

Identified financial requirements and analyzed work flows to support the Missions transition to an ERP environment. An entry-level quantitative finance position to utilize my analytical background in statistics. Byrd Honors Scholarship Edward J. New Brunswick, NJ.

May Present. Responsible for gathering and cleaning up data from a variety of sources and then merging into one dataset; creating, maintaining, and tracking meaningful workforce metrics to measure the effectiveness of recruiting efforts and predict future employment trends.

May December Perform daily checks to test equipment calibration; statistical data analysis, study design, and root cause analysis; quality testing on Rubidium generators.

February March Assist in analysis of psychological study research projects involving human subjects. Specific responsibilities include the analysis, coding and formatting of data and variable names.

Work is compliant with Rutgers University Human Subjects Compliance Program with respect to procedures and ethical practices pertaining to research involving human subjects. September Present. Prepare students for the college entrance exam using various proven aptitude and motivation techniques along with my own insights and approaches to the test. Dealt with functional and some technical issues during the Parallel Testing phase.

Dec Mar Memon Securities PVT LTD, Karachi Pakistan – Business Intern Assisted in daily operations of the brokerage house; including buying ,selling, confirming and executing client orders Researched the market in order to provide qualified information to business and client queries Dealt with banks and assisted the settlements department. Worked with system managers regarding any problems with the system. June May Office of International Education Student Associate Checked-in new International Students and assisted advisors and supervisors in orientation Served as liaison between students and relevant school authorities and organizing events like Taste f OSU Coordinated inter departmental business and social activities and facilitated student orientation events Dec Nov Mathematical and Statistical Learning Centre Tutor Supervised students utilization of computers and maintained record of lab operations Assisted students with problems pertaining to appropriate software, hardware and peripherals utilization Tutored students needing help in Algebra, Calculus and Mathematica.

December GPA: June GPA: Other Tools: Operating System: Hands on experience: Alliance Bernstein L. Junior Business Analyst Intern Role:

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The PSC is extracting a computer generated text version from scanned documents using optical character recognition OCR software and providing these text documents as a convenience for persons who do not have access to high speed communications. The quality of the text document is dependent on the quality and format of the original documents. The software that attempts to recognize text may not be able to correctly recognize all words and formats in a scanned document.

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