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This has led to proposals to have criminal liability and punishment rules reflect lay intuitions of justice — “empirical desert” — as a means of enhancing the system’s moral credibility. In a recent article, Christopher Slobogin and Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein SBR report seven sets of studies that they argue undermine these claims of empirical desert and… Read More »


Takeaway Caffeine is a familiar drug that stimulates the nervous system. When it enters the body, caffeine raises the heart rate and blood pressure, increasing energy levels and improving the mood. Caffeine acts quickly, and many people notice the effects within minutes. They last until the body fully metabolizes the drug. How long does a… Read More »

How Can I Make My Portable App Updateable Via PortableApp Platform

By Ashutosh KS in Desktop. Updated on December 8, Portable apps are the applications that run directly on any Windows system without the need of installation. PortableApps.com Platform Features Learn what the PortableApps. Your browser with your bookmarks and extensions, your office suite, your photo editor, your music collection, your games, your development tools and… Read More »

A Free, Reliable And Comprehensive 3D Creation Software

See also: Comparison of computer-aided design editors There are several different types of CAD, [9] each requiring the operator to think differently about how to use them and design their virtual components in a different manner for each. There are many producers of the lower-end 2D systems, including a number of free and open-source programs.… Read More »


ADN Forum is a PHP – MySQL forum system, with a lot of features like multiple language support, bad words, announces post, aditional page generation, administration area, very nice layout. With an extensive database of user-created modifications and styles database containing hundreds Your website visitors will be able to post new topics or to reply… Read More »

Download PSPP 0.8.0 Build 20130829 – A Tool Which Will Help You Easily Analyze Sampled Data.

Average rating: This application is a free alternative to the proprietary tool SPSS and comes with a set of similar features, with a few small exceptions. PSPP is capable of performing a vast array of tasks, such as cluster analysis, descriptive statistics, linear and logistic regression, non-parametric tests, factor analysis, T-tests, and much more. The… Read More »