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Download Glary Utilities Portable – The Portable Edition Of Glary Utilities.

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Glary Utilities Portable is a full-featured portable freeware version of Glary Utilities. It can run for portable drives on any compatible Windows PC, making it a great addition to portable PC toolkits. We extracted Glary Utilities Portable and clicked the executable file, which ran the program without requiring an installation process. Glary Utilities Portable… Read More »

What Is Bluetooth 4.0

But you may have heard people referring to Bluetooth 4. In the early s many companies were working to create competing wireless technologies, none of which were compatible with each other! It was an engineer, Jim Kardach, at Intel that brought the competing companies together and to agree to use one standard technology. How does… Read More »

Download WizFile 2.03 – Quickly Search And Find Files On Your Local Drive With The Aid Of This Tool

Report a Bad Link Rating: You have the option to search by file name or full path name with multiple search terms being supported. WizFile will monitor for file changes while active, and it will retain your visible file search results ensuring it is always up to date. Files – Search (24) What is WizFile?… Read More »

Download MediaInfo Lite 18.08 – A Software To Examine Media Files

Average rating: It can offer you information about the video and audio format, video resolution or duration, etc. It optionally bundles a shell extension for Microsoft Windows Explorer. After the installation, it will display data when you move your mouse over media files. The installer offers the capability of merging MediaInfo Lite into the Microsoft… Read More »