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Download Movie Label 2018 13.0.3 – Keep Your Movies Organized With This Software

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Movie Label even lets you add your own media types as well. Adding media from your collection is relatively easy. The app can automatically scan your hard drive for movie files, and you can scan barcodes and enter movies by name manually and all information, including cover art, is automatically downloaded and added. Key Features… Read More »

Re-conquer Konqueror With Rekonq

Major updates[ edit ] K Desktop Environment 2 introduced significant technological improvements compared to its predecessor. Moreover, its design permits developers to “drop in” additional protocols, such as WebDAV , which will then automatically be available to all KDE applications. KIO can also locate handlers for specified MIME types ; these handlers can then be… Read More »

Photo Viewer And Editor Free Download

IrfanViewhelp and info What is IrfanView? IrfanView is a free image viewing and manipulation program available for a wide variety of platforms. In addition to providing a smooth viewing experience for bot small and large albums, it scales images, can save them in a wide variety of formats, and can play several types of animated… Read More »

Download Net Organizer® 2019 Latest Free Version

Of course I have been suporting users but development on version 4. The 4. It seems that in the month September the 4. The replacement of the reporting engine was, after a fix, rather successful as well. Requests for help have diminished and or now at the level of the 3. Personal Information Manager Search… Read More »

Download DreamCalc Graphing Calculator® 2019 Latest Free Version

May 06, Hardwipe has just received a great review on Download3k. We’re slightly miffed by their description of the user interface as “dull gray” and “a bit boring”. However, we think we’ll let them off on that one, since they also say it is very functional. While the default interface is business like and functional,… Read More »