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Backup SD Card Data To Dropbox On Android

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Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019
UPM can installed from the Android Market. Click on Create New Database. The next screen will ask for the master password you’d like to use to encrypt your password database. Choose this password carefully. It should be memorable but obviously not so memorable that someone could guess it. 10 best Android backup apps and other… Read More »

O&O FileDirect

However, a lot of people prefer various forms of peer-to-peer applications, because the user’s files aren’t uploaded anywhere in order to be shared. A fast setup process provides access to a very user-friendly interface The app only runs on modern Windows operating systems, but it doesn’t require any additional software, so the setup process should… Read More »

Look-up IP Address Information

Reverse IP to find the information where someone’s exact location is. IP address stands for internet Protocol which is a unique identifier to connect to internet. All devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets with IP addresses have IPv4 addresses, and many of them also start to use the new IPv6 addresses too. Here’s what… Read More »

Download SoundTaxi 4.4.0 – SoundTaxi Convert DRM To MP3, CD, IPod And Other MP3 Player File Formats

The most advanced broadcast automation solution that has been developed specifically to fully meet the specialized needs of online broadcasters. You can split files into equal parts by time, number of resulting parts or size of each output file. The software is an all in one audio converter that supports more than audio and video… Read More »