Why The Luanchers Comsume Large Amount Memory (30+ MB) Even For Tiny Softwares

By | 31.10.2019

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Why the luanchers comsume large amount memory (30+ MB) even for tiny softwares

General Discussion

XGrid pre Component contributions are welcome! Starting with Open MPI v1. Prior to Open MPI v1. If you want this integration, please contact your normal Platform support channels.

Open MPI 1. Open MPI 2. Is Open MPI thread safe? Subsequent releases continually improve reliability and performance of multi-threaded MPI applications.

Does Open MPI support 32 bit environments? As far as we know, yes. Specifically, most of the Open MPI developers only have bit machines, and therefore only test bit in emulation mode. Does Open MPI support 64 bit environments? Yes, Open MPI is 64 bit clean. You should be able to use Open MPI on 64 bit architectures and operating systems with no difficulty. Does Open MPI support execution in heterogeneous environments? As of v1. Endian differences between processes in a single MPI job are properly and automatically handled.

Prior to v1. Does Open MPI support parallel debuggers? As part of v1. The message queues views will be truncated. Both the communicators and requests list will be incomplete.

There are two workarounds: There are many ways to contribute to Open MPI. Here are a few: Subscribe to the mailing lists and become active in the discussions Obtain a source code checkout of Open MPI’s code base and start looking through the code be sure to see the Developers category for technical details about the code base Write your own components and distribute them yourself i. I found a bug! How do I report it?

First check that this is not already a known issue by checking the FAQ and the mailing list archives. If you can’t find your problem mentioned anywhere, it is most helpful if you can create a “recipe” to replicate the bug. Please see the Getting Help page for more details on submitting bug reports. What license is Open MPI distributed under? We love code contributions! We need to have an established intellectual property pedigree of the code in Open MPI.

This means being able to ensure that all code included in Open MPI is free, open source, and able to be distributed under the BSD license. This prevents a situation where intellectual property gets into the Open MPI code base and then someone later claims that we owe them money for it. Open MPI is a free, open source code base.

And we intend it to remain that way. We enforce this policy by requiring all git commits to include a “Signed-off-by” token in the commit message, indicating your agreement to the Open MPI Contributor’s Declaration. This question is obsolete as of November If you are unable to agree to the Contributor’s Declaration, fear not — there are other ways to contribute to Open MPI. Here are some examples: Become an active participant in the mailing lists Write and distribute your own components remember: No problem.

Such is the reality of software development in today’s global economy. We obviously cannot accept such contributions into the main code base, but you are free to distribute plugins, enhancements, etc. Indeed, the the BSD license is extremely liberal in its redistribution provisions.

I want to fork the Open MPI code base. Can I? Although Open MPI’s license allows third parties to fork the code base, we would strongly prefer if you did not. Forking is not necessarily a Bad Thing, but history has shown that creating too many forks in MPI implementations leads to massive user and system administrator confusion.

We have personally seen parallel environments loaded with tens of MPI implementations, each only slightly different from the others. We do periodically have “short” forks. Specifically, sometimes an origanization needs to release a version of Open MPI with a specific feature.

If you’re thinking of forking the Open MPI code base, please let us know — let’s see if we can work something out so that it is not necessary. My contribution was not accepted into the main Open MPI code base. What now? If your contribution was not accepted into the main Open MPI code base, there are likely to be good reasons for it perhaps technical, perhaps due to licensing restrictions, etc.

If you wrote a standalone component, you can still distribute this component independent of the main Open MPI distribution. As such, you can distribute your component — even if it is closed source e. Let’s first cover some fundamental terminology in order to make the rest of the discussion easier. Open MPI has three sections of code: That is, they are compiled into three separate libraries: More specifically, OMPI executables are linked with: More system-level libraries may listed after -lopal, but you get the idea.

Strictly speaking, these are not “layers” in the classic software engineering sense even though it is convenient to refer to them as such.

As such, this code organization more reflects abstractions and software engineering, not a strict hierarchy of functions that must be traversed in order to reach a lower layer. OMPI can also directly call the operating system as necessary. For example, many top-level MPI API functions are quite performance sensitive; it would not make sense to force them to traverse an arbitrarily deep call stack just to move some bytes across a network.

Here’s a list of terms that are frequently used in discussions about the Open MPI code base: It provides all the component architecture services that the rest of the system uses. It was designed for HPC — meaning that it is small, fast, and reasonably efficient — and therefore offers few services other than finding, loading, and unloading components.

An MCA framework is a construct that is created for a single, targeted purpose. It provides a public interface that is used by external code, but it also has its own internal services. A list of Open MPI frameworks is available here. An MCA framework uses the MCA’s services to find and load components at run-time — implementations of the framework’s interface. It is used to send and receive data on different kinds of networks.

An MCA component is an implementation of a framework’s interface. Another common word for component is “plugin”. This difference between components and modules is important because modules have private state; components do not. Frameworks, components, and modules can be dynamic or static. That is, they can be available as plugins or they may be compiled statically into libraries e. How do I get a copy of the most recent source code? See the instructions here.

Ok, I got a Git checkout. Now how do I build it? What is the main tree layout of the Open MPI source tree? Are there directory name conventions? There are a few notable top-level directories in the source tree: M4 scripts supporting the top-level configure script mpi.

They can be built as either static or shared libraries. Executables are also produced in subdirectories of some of the trees. Each of the sub-project source directories have similar but not identical directory structures under them: Random utility code There are other top-level directories in each of the three sub-projects, each having to do with specific logic and code for that project. They are of the form: That is, framework and component names must be valid directory names and C variables; more on that later.

In v1. Here are a few examples as of the v1.

Run Sag Calculator on a Tablet:

Why does it take soooo long to compile F90 MPI applications? How do I run with the Slurm and PBS/Torque launchers? . How much registered memory is used by Open MPI? .. Strictly speaking, these are not “layers” in the classic software engineering sense (even though it is convenient to refer to. The focus is on C++ software that is designed to run on mobile phones and other the case study, recommendations for small memory software development are For example, the Nokia has 16 Megabytes (MB) of Flash memory, 8MB of which can consume considerable amounts of memory and cause obscure . Web apps and web games perform better, especially 3D games. This sums up why I’ve personally fallen out of love with Chrome. Every Chrome browser looks nearly identical, even across Chrome has a vastly larger collection of extensions, but Firefox has .. I am not sure about memory usage.

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XGrid pre Component contributions are welcome! Starting with Open MPI v1. Prior to Open MPI v1. If you want this integration, please contact your normal Platform support channels.

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